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PostHeaderIcon YARD DETAILS THURSDAY 01/28/2021

T/L 6AM Ortiz D                   80910
Castore C              83222
T/L 6AM Munson K               80881
Intartaglia A          81882
T/L 6AM Manganella S        83811
Paglio T III            84531
T/L 6AM Valente J                 83228
Raspovich T           81056
T/L 6AM Pelissier C             82827
Ulloa P                    80887
T/L 6AM Calabro J              83165
Leahy T                 80926
T/L 6AM Griparich P           79990
Praino M                 83753
P/C 7AM Maccia J               82039
Phillips B                83075
P/C 7AM Lucyk J                 83271
Samarelli M           83279
P/C 7AM Aulisi J                    83107
Spano M                 83568
P/C 7AM Ciszkowska B        83300
Castiglia A             81099
Empty 6AM Moody R                80158
Field Misiak T                 80222
Empty 6AM Pesce D                  82330
Field Calabro J    (Z)      84774
Walker B               83626
Lorenzo M             82467
Herre R                  82726
Costa R                  83260
Valenti AJ               80292
Crisman L              82704
McCue J                 83237
Grimsley-Reid K    80662
Garretson B           84852
Michaud T              84417
C-C 7AM Luciano R              82856
Bakirtzis A             82822


TIME RTG CHECKER                            W/F SIGNATURE
6AM Minardi S                81106
Barona I                  81393
6AM Dejunco M               81896
Occhipinti F             81212
6AM Caldarera B            80521
Soir A                      82303
6AM Cosentino J             82185
Taranto A                83537
6AM O’Donnell D            82725
O’Donnell J             81154
6AM Gulick D                  83230
Vitale J                    83681
6AM Mattessich D           83162
Price A                     83240
6AM Purwin I                   81542
Montoya D              82218
6AM McCoy G                 83216
Linea S                    80880
6AM Espasa A                 82925
Tanzi Jr                   81122
6AM Rasmussen P           83255
Perez T                    83172
6AM Stroz H                    83991
Hermo F                  81938
6AM Russello A               82881
Hazel M                   84835
6AM Vitacco B                 80296
Haracz E                 82432
6AM Peragine D            83305

PostHeaderIcon Latest Up Date On Quarantine

If a person has tested positive for COVID-19.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              You must quarantine for 10 days and not have a fever in the past 24 hours before returning to work on the 11th day.    (A NEGATIVE TEST IS NOT REQIRED)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       If you are travelling out side of  NJ,NY,CONN,DEL,or PA, OR Come in close contact with someone who has tested positive  for COVID-19.                                                                                                        Your options are still the same as above, providing there are no fever or symptoms within 24 hours before returning to work.                                                                                                                            You can also quarantine for 7 days getting tested on the 5th day (getting a negative result) you need to present any documents that may be needed to your supervisor and returning to work on the 8th day.

The first day of your symptoms will be the first day of your quarantining and advising your supervisor ASAP.  If you are traveling the first day you arrive home will begin the first day of your quarantine.

If you would like a copy of the updated notice please let us know and we will get it to you.


Thanks and please be safe and stay well.





Moving forward when coming to sign in

call inside and either frankie or john will

check you and your partner in thanks please pass it along

PostHeaderIcon COVID-19

IT is required that all individuals wear masks when entering either the main building

or anyone of the trailers, this will be strictly enforced, thanks for your cooperation